Sharon Gray
Digestive issues can feel down-right overwhelming and confusing, and sometimes you need a hand sorting things out. I’m here to help. Together, we’ll take an honest and compassionate look at what’s going on in your belly and daily life, and then we’ll explore simple self-care tools to help get you back on the road to health and vitality. Learn more about my approach here.

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trusting your gut: a natural approach to digestive health and wellness

Trusting Your Gut

Looking for relief from bloating, upset stomach, weight issues, other digestive troubles? Or do you simply want more comfort, ease, and satisfaction in your life? If so, Trusting your Gut can help. This guided, online program is designed to help you gain clarity, heal your digestion, and receive the most nourishment from food and from life.

Cookbook Project

The nourished cook: go ahead trust yourself

You’re a caring, generous hard worker, who’d move mountains if you had to. Yet you’re exhausted, spread thin, and making a healthy meal feels like trudging through molasses.

Not to worry. The Nourished Cook can help. Together, we’ll explore simple and practical ways to regain your vitality, find balance, and put wholesome food on the table—no matter how much you’ve got on your plate.

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Get fast digestive relief with these 3 acupressure points.YES PLEASE!
Get fast digestive relief with these 3 acupressure points.YES PLEASE!